San Jose Limousines | Limo Service San JoseThe Bachelor Party

Bachelor (and Bachelorette) parties are a particularly interesting scenario. Imagine, if you will, a festival being held on the inside of a casino. The wedding isn’t far into the future, and the bride and groom are each having one last, major party before their married life begins. Nobody is going to do something they regret, but they’re certainly going to have fun. Drinks are shared, stories are told, and laughter echoes through the halls (or would, if the sound insulation wasn’t so good) throughout the day and into the evening. It’s been a great time by all, gifts have been given, and everyone knows it’s time to go home… But, unfortunately, nobody is actually sober enough to drive.

More importantly, in spite of their intoxication, absolutely everyone knows that getting the bride or groom arrested for driving while intoxicated is a very, very bad idea. They didn’t want to insist that anyone miss out on the festivities, either, which put the planners in something of a quandary until they hired some San Jose limousines to come and pick them up. It was, in fact, the perfect solution to all of their problems. If they were going to end the party, they might as well do it in style – and a limousine is a vehicle that’s big enough to bring the whole group, which would never really work for a smaller taxi service. San Jose limousines of the stretch variety also provide enough room for people to spread out and relax while they watch television or play music on their way home.

There are also several other advantages that the people planning the party were happy to take advantage of. The first is the fact that everyone can provide their addresses and be dropped off directly at their houses, which saves one of their number from having to remember a large number of new locations at a time. Those who live particularly far away, instead, can be picked up by their families at a convenient location. The biggest advantage, however, is having a designated driver who hasn’t had a single alcoholic drink that day.

Enjoying alcohol has been a social custom of humanity for literally thousands of years. However, adults also have the responsibility to ensure that even if they get intoxicated, there’s still something or someone who can look over the situation and ensure that things don’t get too out of hand. No party should ever end in tragedy, and a professional driver can ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the party to the fullest knowing that somebody else is taking up the burden of responsibility for the group. San Jose limousines service a wide variety of places in the San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and surrounding areas. Whether the party is being held in the middle of a downtown zone or somewhere out where the scenery of California can be enjoyed, a professional limousine driver can help ensure that everything goes according to plan.

The extra trunk space for all the gifts doesn’t hurt, either.

Sightseeing in a Limo in San Jose

Sometimes, it’s important for people to be able to sit back, relax, and see the sights of an area. This is particularly important for visitors who may be coming from a long ways away; the chance to enjoy what the region has to offer can be a great way to relax and get used to what may be a very different culture than what they’re used to. Either way, the limo service San Jose provides offers a spectacular way to enjoy sightseeing throughout the area.

The day might begin, for example, as the guests wake up in their plush hotel rooms and go through their morning routine. They leave the hotel early and are greeted by the sleek lines and comfortable interior of their rented vehicle. Tinted windows help to hold back the strong California sun as they are brought directly to one of the region’s best morning restaurants. A section has been reserved for their exclusive use and they are treated to a delightful morning meal by their local business partners.

Shortly thereafter, the group returns to their vehicle. Their driver ate his own meal while they were inside and, as well-fed as they are, explains the plan for the day. The guests make a few small changes of their own, and after confirming the schedule, the driver begins to move the vehicle and takes all of them to their first destination. Throughout the day, they see many of the best entertainments that their limo service San Jose likes has been able to find. This includes natural monuments, views of the beaches, and other items of interest that help them grow accustomed to the area and ready to head back to work in a few days with plenty of energy from their vacation.

Sightseeing trips can be difficult to do effectively. A general taxi service will charge at a rate that’s not really suitable for longer trips, while visitors driving themselves often lack the proper understanding of where to go. Those from other nations may be unfamiliar with local traffic regulations, and so attempting to drive without some instruction can put them in very real danger. The natural solution for sightseeing trips and other relaxed events is to hire the services of a professional driver who is ready and willing to provide extended service instead of a simple Point A to Point B scenario. Our drivers are all experienced professionals who offer the best limo service San Jose has to offer. With vehicles of various sizes to accommodate different groups, a variety of airport services (including escort from within the terminal to where the vehicle is parked or curb-side pickup of visitors), and vehicles that have been modified to provide the best comforts possible, you or your guests will be able to enjoy a fantastic sightseeing trip through the area and truly make the most of your time. You never really know how your business might benefit from making your visitors relaxed, either.