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When most people think about hiring a limousine, usually what comes to mind is an airport pickup. After all, when you leave any one of the San Jose area airports, from Oakland, to San Francisco, you will always see a number of limos or black sedans waiting right at the curb for pick up.

However there are a number of other uses for a limo rental in the San Jose area beyond just for airport pickups and drop offs. In fact, limousines are rented each and every day for all sorts of fun and exciting events that need a limo for transportation.

The vast majority of these events are either for things like parties or other special events. What comes to mind would include proms, nights out on the town, and romantic evenings. Each of these would be a perfect excuse to hire a limo for a night. Not only will a limousine be able to provide you with transportation, but it will also be able to provide a little bit of a very important person or celebrity feel for a night, and who doesn’t love that?

Limousines San Jose

Limos San Jose are going to be able to provide you, your family and your loved ones with a high quality transportation option all around the greater San Jose area. There are a variety of limousines San Jose Limo Service has available for your use.

The first would be a Lincoln Town Car, many people use these cars to head off to the airport, to have business associates picked up or for transporting smaller groups. The Lincoln Town Car comfortably fits four people for any sort of pick up or drop off service, including airport and business transportation.

Usually, a Lincoln Town Car is going to be a great choice for those people who are looking for nice and reliable transport to a romantic event like a fancy dinner in San Francisco, or a date to the theater. These cars are still beautifully maintained, but offer a more cozy and intimate setting for just two people as opposed to a big stretch limo.

The other types of rental limos San Jose Limo Service offers are more of the stretch variety. There are two other options within the transportation fleet one of which is a stretch limo. The stretch limo is the classic limousine that everyone thinks of, sleek and black or white these give a real air of celebrity when you are inside them because of the high end finishes. Stretch limos can accommodate a much larger group of people, up to ten in fact, so that really allows for a good sized crowd to travel together.

A stretch limo is the perfect choice for those who are looking to travel together. Commonly, those who are looking for the best limousines San Jose has to offer will want to find a stretch limo for very special fancy events like weddings and proms. It is in these situations that limos are really in high demand. Stretch limos are especially popular with proms in the local San Jose area. Oftentimes, the prom goers meet up beforehand to get ready and meet with friends, so they prefer if a limo can meet them at a specific house and then go from there to either a pre-prom event or the prom itself.

For weddings, of course, the need for a stretch limo truly speaks for itself. Every bride wants her special day to be perfect and go exactly as planned. So she needs to be sure she is working with a company that is highly reliable, professional and consistent. Plus, the limo needs to be large enough to be able to accommodate the entire wedding party comfortably. This is where a stretch limo truly comes in handy, with room for ten, there is going to be plenty of space for everyone to fit.

The other type of transportation that Limos San Jose offers to customers is a luxury SUV, such as a Cadillac Escalade. Usually this type of vehicle is perfect for those corporate customers who need to transport clients or important visitors back and for between the office, the hotel and the airport in style. A luxury SUV is going to be able to accommodate up to 7 guests comfortably.

This type of transportation is perfect if clients are coming into town for a large scale corporate event, or a conference. With so many popular and successful companies in San Francisco like Twitter, DropBox and Jawbone, as well as companies just outside of San Francisco like Google and Facebook, there are many business people coming and going often.

This is why having a partnership with a high quality, professional and reliable car service and limo company is incredibly important. A San Jose Limo Service is going to be able to take care of all of the needs of your company or your clients from one place. Be it airport transportation to and from any of the three regional airports, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland or transporting executives around Silicon Valley having an executive service that provides luxury appointments is always a huge benefit.

Beyond these examples, people who search for the top limousines San Jose has around want stretch limos for things ranging from nights out on the town, to transportation to concerts and sporting events, to days wine tasting out in the world famous Napa Valley. Each of these special occasions can be celebrated using a limousine. Oftentimes, hiring a limo is going to really make the day or event even more special, many people end up hiring out a limo for memorable occasions for things like engagements to make them truly memorable.

As you can see, San Jose Limo Service works with a variety of customers and clients to provide all sorts of transportation options for people in the greater San Jose area. Being able to provide high quality customer service, reliable transport and a beautiful fleet of vehicles is very important. Customers who rent limos from San Jose Limo Service come back again and again.