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Everyone who knows the least bit about wine has heard of Napa Valley. About ninety minutes north of San Francisco, it is home to some of the best wineries in all of the United States, and credited by some with the place where wine first really bloomed in America. Of course, there are great wine spots all over the country, from Long Island, and Upstate New York to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Now, there is another up and coming wine spot right here in California, the Livermore Valley.

The Livermore Valley is only forty minutes north of San Jose, California and is opening up a variety of new wineries in the area. It’s no surprise then, that it is quickly becoming a not so secret hot spot now for those who love wine, but don’t want to make the trek out to Napa Valley.

What makes wine tastings so popular is that they are a full day event, and a lot of fun for everyone who is involved. Wine tasting are a really popular group, family or couples event, where a bunch of people get together and go from winery to winery tasting the samples and having a few bites to eat along the way. However, as you can imagine, most of the wineries are not within walking distance to each other, they are dotted along the peaks and valleys of the Livermore Valley so in order to really experience the area, a car is needed.

However, when a car is needed that means at least one person gets to be the driver, but not partake in any of the wine samples available during the day. For many, this is not fun. And while it pays to have always have a designated driver with the group for any event that might include drinking, there are better ways to have a winery tour that will let everyone get involved.

The best way to do that is to hire limousine services. San Jose, being only forty minutes from the Livermore Valley area, is the perfect destination leave from for a full day of wine tasting. Using a Limo in San Jose CA is going to allow every single person in the group to really be able to relax and enjoy the wine tasting. This way, no one will be left out, and everyone can ride in a group together, making the event so much more fun.

If you have a group of six or seven people who are looking to spend the day out in the Livermore Valley wine tasting, then you would need to have two cars full of people, and two drivers who are willing to be the designated non-drinkers. But by hiring a Limo in San Jose CA the entire group can enjoy traveling in style in a Cadillac Escalade SUV.

Limousine Services San Jose

Using the limousine service, you will be able to coordinate ahead of time with the service what wineries you want to be visiting along your tour, a pick up time and the time that you will be heading back to the San Jose area. Many of the wineries start closing up on the weekends around four or five in the afternoon, so that will give you and your group plenty of time to be back in the San Jose area by dinner time.

The real key to having a great day spent at the wineries is doing a bit of research up front to find the best limousine services San Jose has to offer. You always want to hire a service that prides itself on being responsible, customer oriented and of high quality. After all, you and your friends are going to be spending a full day in the limo riding to various places, so you want to go with a company that you know keeps its cars in top working order and extremely clean and tidy.

Another benefit of using a Limo in San Jose CA is that the driver is going to be completely familiar with the area. If you and your friends were heading out to the Livermore Valley for the first time from San Jose, you might not really know exactly how to get to all of the wineries, requiring plenty of time looking up directions, keeping phones charged and trying to get a caravan of cars to all the right places. With a limo service, the driver knows exactly where he is going, and will be able to navigate the entire trip for you.

Using a limo service to go to the wineries will also allow you to pack some lunches and snacks for the trip as well. The local San Jose newspaper just did a number of different articles highlighting all of the wonderful wineries in the Livermore Valley that encourage visitors to pack a picnic lunch to really enjoy the absolutely beautiful scenery of the area. Hiring a limo will allow you to bring a cooler and food supplies to have an amazing picnic lunch with your friends during your visit.

By looking for high quality limousine services San Jose area residents know they would be able to spend a really enjoyable weekend day out in the vineyards of the Livermore Valley and not feel like it was a long trek, or they were stuck in the car forever. That is why the Livermore Valley makes for such a perfect spot for a day trip from the San Jose area rather than spending close to two hours each way driving to and from Napa Valley.

So, the next time you and your friends are considering taking a day to go on a vineyard wine tour in the Livermore Valley, make sure to call ahead and get a limo service to take care of all of your needs. A limo service is going to be able to transport you and your friends taking away and worries about making sure you have enough cars, directions and drivers to get you there and back again.