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When you think about business travel, family vacation travel or personal vacation travel, the idea of renting a car can be a source of stress. What if the rental company loses your reservation? What if you order a full-size sedan and get there only to find that you are stuck with a compact car, when you’re traveling with a family and all the luggage that they carry?

When it comes to rental cars, you can never know about the state in which you will find a rental car. Will it be clean? Will it smell of smoke or other unpleasant odors? Will there be mechanical malfunctions that will delay you or worse, endanger you or your family? Speaking of safety, when you rent a car, you may find yourself walking through a parking lot to find the car that matches your rental ticket, alone, late at night–it’s not the safest of situations, and even in a safe city, such an experience can be enough to send a chill down your spine and ruin an otherwise pleasant travel experience.

When you hire a chauffeur service, you needn’t worry about having to traipse through a potentially dark parking lot alone at night, putting at risk your own safety and peace of mind.

There is the matter of insurance to consider as well. If you opt to purchase renter’s insurance, are you being overcharged? What if you choose not to purchase it and then you find you need it later? Does your own automobile insurance provide rental coverage and, if so, is it only for liability or does it also cover physical damage to the rental car or a car you hit? There are so many questions, and each of these questions can lead to a potential headache.

The best way to avoid these rental car related, stress-inducing situations is to not rent a car at all. But what if you do not live in San Jose? Or, what if your own car is brand new and you don’t want to park it at the airport? Maybe you can’t get a ride from family, friends or coworkers–that’s why we offer affordable and luxurious SJC Limo Service.

SJC Limo Service

When you engage our airport limo in San Jose, you can count on receiving a timely ride to and from the airport, in a safe and comfortable vehicle that is examined before every ride. You will not have to worry that you will leave the airport, bags in hand, only to discover that the car you expected isn’t there and you’re stuck with a less comfortable model.

Instead, we’ll come into the airport and meet you, or, if you’re on a tight schedule, we will wait for you at the curb in one of our fleet of luxury vehicles. We have vehicles for all needs, such as the Lincoln Town Car, a Lincoln stretch limousine and the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Cadillac Escalade.

Our fleet selection allows us to offer luxurious transportation for any size group. Our Lincoln Town Cars comfortably seat several passengers. As the most popular chauffeured car service vehicle, the Town Car brings a high level of luxury and safety for your travel needs.

Larger parties can enjoy a stylish ride in an SUV Cadillac Escalade, which seats as many as seven passengers in the comfort that is defined by the Cadillac brand. For an even more luxurious and stylish ride to or from the San Jose airport, you can elect to ride in one of our Lincoln stretch limousines, which maximizes comfort and luxury with the stretched interior.

Our sedan, SUV and limousine services are so affordable that you will not want to even bother with a rental car quote. Rental cars may not seem to cost much on the front side, but by the time you add in the insurance (if you should opt to purchase it) and extra mileage charges, the bill’s complexity increases to the point where you are in danger of suffering from unnecessary, travel-related headaches.

We are eager to make your travel experience with us as headache-free as possible. That’s why we tailor our service to meet the needs of several types of travelers. From business travelers who require privacy for a conference call or need to make it a meeting and so require curbside pickup, to the jet setting family who are visiting San Jose from the first time and don’t want to get lost on the way to the hotel, we will deliver the service you need.

When it comes to safety, not only are our vehicles examined before every trip out, but our drivers are highly screened and professional. All of our chauffeurs are required to have previous experience and a clean record. Our professionalism goes beyond livery–from helping you get your luggage to the vehicle to providing a safe and pleasant trip to or from the San Jose airport, we have the skills and expertise to meet your needs.

Yet another headache with rental cars that you need not experience with our SJC Limo Service is dealing with having to pick up or drop off a car by a certain date or time to avoid extra fees or being charged for a day that you do not actually need to drive the car.

While this rule on the part of car rental companies is understandable, that does not mean it cannot give you a headache at the end of a trip. What if your flight is delayed? That delay can cost you a day’s worth of rental charges. With our services, you need never worry about being charged for extra days, because you don’t need to take possession of the car itself.

Travel in style without worrying about spending in excess. Contact us today to see how we can help make your travel experience as stress free and economical as possible by offering you a ride to or from the San Jose airport in one of our clean, safe and luxurious fleet vehicles: the ever popular Lincoln Town Car, a luxurious Lincoln Stretch Limousine, or the stylish Cadillac Escalade Sport Utility Vehicle.