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Thunder rumbles through the dark clouds, providing a bit of a worrying trip as the plane slowly circles the airport to align with the right runway and comes down from the sky. A few bumpy minutes later, the plane finally comes to a stop and the passengers all breathe a sigh of relief. They came over from the East Coast, all for reasons of their own, and two young children eagerly hop out of their seats as the passengers on the plane begin to grab their luggage. It’s late out, and at this time of year, that means the sun is long down and only humanity’s power is keeping the darkness at bay.

One by one, the family files off the plane, rolling their luggage behind them. They’re new to this area, but the father knows what he’s doing and it doesn’t take him very long to find the luggage drop-off. Unfortunately, despite how tired the family is, airports have their own speeds and it takes a few minutes for everything to get sorted out, put through the system, and onto the tracks for visitors to pick up. By the time they get out of the airport, the children are falling asleep and even the father isn’t feeling particularly alert.

Of course, that was exactly what he was expecting to have happen. Back when he was planning this vacation with his wife, he realized that their timetable offered him two options. He could rent a car himself and deal with all the crazy stories he’d heard about California drivers while he could barely keep his eyes open… Or he could find a San Jose airport car service to come pick his family up. Some things in life were just too precious to risk, so it didn’t take him long to make his choice.

Waiting by the curb is a young gentleman, dressed in a fine suit and looking quite alert. He smiles slightly as he checks the father’s appearance against a photo that’s been provided, then takes the luggage and stores it in the trunk of his immaculate vehicle. The children are ushered into the very back seat and are asleep in moments while the father double-checks the destination (just to be sure). He knows it will take at least half an hour to get to the hotel, but it seems like only two or three minutes later when he’s gently woken up by the driver. The ride was smooth, safe, and incredibly comfortable. In fact, the father realizes, the tinted windows and dimmed interior helped make it very easy for this San Jose airport car service to provide him with a quiet, safe ride right to his destination.

That’s all done with, now, and he thanks the driver for his professionalism as he picks up a child with one hand. It’s time to carry the children into their hotel room, but he’s grateful for the driver taking some of the luggage for them to lighten the burden. It’s been a long trip, but thanks to their San Jose airport car service, they’ll be able to go to sleep and wake up in the morning safe, well-rested, and ready to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

San Jose Airport Service

They didn’t bother with the traditional flight. They’re more important than that, even the young man looking nervously around since this is his first time out of Europe, much less heading into America of all places. The plane flight was long, but they were prepared for that, and the private jet had everything they needed to occupy and enjoy themselves. Dealing with entry to the nation was a little more time-consuming, especially considering the level of security that the Americans insisted on for visitors from overseas, but they finally got through that as well (after a random screening of that nervous young man had held them up for half an hour, anyway).

However, each of them is gratified to see that they have a driver waiting for them, with their names listed in their native German. Most of the group speaks English well enough, but seeing their message written as requested is much appreciated. The driver bows slightly as they approach and checks their identification to be sure he’s got the right group, then escorts the businessmen through the airport and to their vehicle. There are two of them, actually, and another driver is waiting with them to take the luggage and help store it while the businessmen split up according to their own hierarchy. The CEO and his two closest advisers are all the passengers in one vehicle, while the other five will travel in the second vehicle.

The sun is bright today, and the tinted windows help give them privacy and protection from the light as they plug their computers into the sockets within the vehicle and boot up their machines. There are a few things they each wanted to take care of, including notifying their families back home that they have arrived safely and will be continuing straight on to business. None of them were particularly interested in driving (worse, being a foreign country, none of them were quite familiar with the local rules of the road), so the company they’re visiting in Silicon Valley quickly arranged for a San Jose airport service. Well, that was the plan, but considering that the visitors were going to be in the area for nearly two weeks, it was judged best to provide them with better transportation. For the duration of their trip, the businessmen from Germany have two different vehicles available and have thoughtfully worked out a schedule in cooperating with their business partners and the San Jose airport service they were using in order to create an effective timetable for the week. What could have been a big mess and potential trouble with the law has turned into an effortless, relaxing overseas trip thanks to the crisp professionalism of their rented vehicles’ drivers and a little forethought for making their trip better. It’s a good thing, too, since the businessmen are happy enough with their treatment to look more favorably on their new partners for this multi-billion dollar deal…