San Jose Limo Services with 2013 Oakland California Sports Events

Oakland has a proud history of hosting some of California’s most popular sporting events. Everything from professional football, NBA and famous Oakland baseball games are celebrated here in a manner that very much makes it a cultural and community event. While there are many means of public transport, event attendees seem to be more and more often taking advantage San Jose limo services for the variety of benefits they can offer to the sporting crowd. Not only is Oakland a major magnet for all types of sports fans, but it also has an incredibly popular and thriving nightlife. While the Coliseum and Oracle Arena complex houses the famous sporting events, The Fox Theatre, Paramount, Yoshi’s and Dunsmuir house rule the nightlife.


Oakland Athletics

On May 27th, the Oakland Athletics will take on the San Francisco Giants beginning at 7:05PM at the O.CO Coliseum. This epic California match up will supply MLB fans with their sports ration for the week. Attending an Oakland Athletics event in a San Jose limo will allow fans to rest, relax and enjoy a drink on the way to the game, keep them from having to find a relatively decent place to park, and allow them to make swiftly away once the game ends and the local traffic begins to back up. From there, feel free to direct your driver to any of the venues available catering to the sporting nightlife of Oakland fans. Using a limo service will ensure that you and your friends make it safely to the game, and safely home without incident.

Oakland NBA Games

On May 20th, the Oracle Arena will host the NBA Playoffs conference finals. No true NBA fan will want to miss this event held at one of Oakland’s famous sports venues. With just under 100 tickets left to purchase you will want to reserve them as soon as possible. Once you have your tickets in hand, contact San Jose limo services to get the best treatment to and from the game available. Pitch in with a few other NBA fans and your ride becomes incredible affordable and efficient. There will be no need to wait in long parking lines or leave early so that you can get ahead of traffic. Take your time and relish the game. This is a big one.

Throughout the summer, many sporting events are held in Oakland’s famous sporting coliseums and are available to sports fans, sports families and sports fanatics. Take the safest way to the games and enjoy the tailgating to be found in the parking lot upon arrival to many of them.

Oakland is never short on sporting events. NBA, NFL and MLB are not the only sports to be found in the city. Everything from biking, to concert venues and more can be found at the stadiums local to Oakland and each of them can be enjoyed along with the elite services supplied by San Jose Limo services. If you want to make this one special, call ahead and reserve your limo today.