Hire a Limo Service for your Son or Daughter’s High School Prom

hire-a-limo-serviceProm night is a rite of passage and an exciting time for high school students. They spend so much time planning everything from the perfect dress or tuxedo to the restaurant where they will have dinner beforehand. Then many schools have after-prom events as well so your teenager could be making a night of it. If your son or daughter will be attending a high school prom, you can ensure that they will have a safer experience by hiring a limousine service to drive them to and from their destinations.

Have the limousine pick them couple up at your house. You will have some memorable pictures of them preparing to leave for their special night by getting into a limo. If your child is going as part of a group, have all the couples meet at your house or the driver can pick each couple up en route.

Plan to have the driver stop at a local restaurant so the prom-goers can enjoy a special pre-prom dinner. Imagine the joy they will experience having a driver hold open the door as they step out in their prom finery. What a sophisticated experience for the kids.

Since the roads can be especially busy on prom night, you will feel more secure knowing a licensed, professional driver is chauffeuring your kids to their destination. Let’s face it – there are drunk drivers on the road particularly on a night like prom night. An experienced chauffeur knows what to look out for on the roads.

In some states, teenagers have a driving curfew and cannot drive after a certain time. Also, depending on their age, they may only be able to drive one other non-relative in the car with them. If you hire a limousine service, the whole party can travel together to the restaurant and then to the prom. The curfew issue will be avoided if they are passengers in a limousine. And you won’t have to worry about someone drinking and getting behind the wheel.

Another benefit of hiring a limousine is that your teenager will not have to drive around town looking for a parking spot if he and his friends go to a popular area for dinner. If a group of them are traveling together, it will be likely that they won’t all fit in one vehicle. So undoubtedly someone would have to follow someone else. If they ride in a limo, they can go in one vehicle and not have to worry about finding available parking.

Finally, after the prom, the driver can take the whole bunch to any after-prom events. This will further ensure their safety as proms generally end late and you won’t have to worry about your teenager driving late at night with several kids in the car.

Give your son or daughter a prom night to remember by booking a limousine service to take them to the prom. Limos definitely add to the allure and excitement of prom night and will make a memorable event that much more special.

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