Finding the best limo service to take you to the J-Pop Summit Festival

J-Pop Summit FestivalJapantown in San Francisco is bustling with exciting activities during the last few days of July. This is because of the J-Pop Summit. You can expect anything—from concerts and movie screenings to car shows and meet and greets.

This summit usually runs for two days and almost every spot of Japantown has something unique to offer. It’s certainly a great place to take your kids or even a bunch of friends to if you’re a J-Pop fan.

The downside here is that there’s usually no parking space. Even if you manage to rent a car and drive there on your own, not all of the highlights of the summit happen in one spot. You might miss some of the highlights because you’re trying to find a new parking spot.

Getting a cab to take you from point A to point B would expensive, and with the sheer number of people there, it would be stressful. Expect to see about 65,000 J-Pop fans. It would be better if you get the best limo service in town. Not all of them offer high quality service though, so here are tips on how to get the best ones.

Hourly rates

Look at the limo service schedules and hourly rates. You should maximize your time during the summit. A limo service can be pretty expensive if you haven’t planned out your day. Look at the event schedule and see which highlights you want to attend. You don’t need to choose the cheapest limo service offerings in the listings. You just need to be smart about when to hire your limo.

You should also look for a map of Japantown so you can specify pick up and drop off points for your limousine service. Some limo services only charge you for the time you’re on board. Others charge you for waiting times as well. Make sure you settle all of this before hiring your preferred limo service. This will spare you from nasty billing surprises later on.


You should hire a limo service with new and top-of-the-line limo models. Some limo service companies offer discounts for rentals, but this is the J-Pop Summit. You’d want to attend this in style. You’re stripping yourself of half the fun if you’re embarrassed by your ride. Make sure your limo is something you to be proud of. Check the model that the limousine service company is assigning to you and your group.

Punctuality and Courteousness

Your limo driver should be very punctual and courteous. Read client feedback’s about the limo service you’re hiring before taking your pick. You wouldn’t want to ruin the mood by waiting for hours at the airport or dealing with a rude driver who would stress you out before you arrive at the J-Pop Summit.

Look for a limo service that can promise to pick you up on time, and treat you like royalty. If you pick the right one, you would be enjoying more than just a bigger leg room and privacy which cabs simply can’t give. You might even be rivaling the rides of the biggest artists performing at the J-Pop Summit.

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