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Prom night is that once-in-a-lifetime event that many young people look forward to with gusto. It symbolizes the end of the school year as well as the end of primary education for many. This special time in a young adults life is one that often inspires the rental of a San Jose Prom Limo. However, to avoid any issues, follow these 14 tips on how to handle your limo rental with class and style.

14 Tips on Your San Jose Prom Limo Rental

Help ensure your prom night goes as smoothly and enjoyably as possible by keeping a few helpful tips in mind.

Do Not Wait to Reserve Your Prom Night Limo – While most schools announce their expected prom night at the beginning of each year, if you expect to be able to get a limo rental on that night, you need to be one of those who calls well ahead. You should reserve your limo as soon as possible from the time you find out the most likely projected date.

Sign Your Contract – Sign your contract and pay for your reservation as soon as possible! While your reservation will be honored when made well ahead of time, secure that reservation by having a confirmation number or credit card report that shows your payment.

Don’t Break Your Bank – Your prom night will be full of expenses that will be taxing enough on your finances. Renting a limo for your prom night should not be as major an expense as your dining choice, or your clothing bill. In fact, limo rental is actually far more affordable than the general consumer realizes.

Only Cruise With Responsible Groups – Make sure the group of friends who may travel in your limo with you are responsible people who will not be the source of trouble as the night goes on. If you suspect that you have a person in your group who could be destructive to this very expensive vehicle, it may be in your best interest to pay for their cab or bus ride home. You do not want to risk costs you cannot afford. Additionally, no one wants their prom night ruined with immature behavior or costly tantrums.

No Bad Habits – Do not bring or allow your friends or acquaintances to bring drugs, alcohol or smoking into the limousine. Illegal items will likely just cause your prom night to end early as you take a ride to the closest police station. Cherish this once-in-a-lifetime high school road mark by celebrating sober and safe.

Enjoy Having a Safe Personal Driver – With drinking and driving or negligence resulting in the deaths of high school students quite often, parents and prom-goers can appreciate the added safety of a professional driver that can ultimately help everyone to avoid trouble, even if the prom-goers have a harder time avoiding it themselves.

Relish the Experience – View the limos options you can online or head to the physical location and get a feel for the inside and outside view of the San Jose prom limo rental you are considering. In some cases, prom-goers enjoy having outfits that match their limousines as well. Don’t forget to share any additional creative ideas you have for your special night with the limo service, they may have some experience to add to your suggestions.

Don’t Bring More than Capacity – If you reserve a stretch limousine, this doesn’t mean you can pack a dozen friends in. Ask the limo company the passenger limit on the vehicle you will be renting and stick to that number when you are planning guest invitations.

Go In with Friends – When at all possible, ask your friends, your parents, and your friend’s parents to throw in a few dollars in donation towards your limo fee. Even if you only have a party of six, a few collected bucks can go a long way in knocking down the cost of your limo rental.

Enjoy the Romance – Even if you are traveling in a multiple party situation, you can still kick back, relax and enjoy the romance of the limo chauffeured drive to one of the most unforgettable nights of your life. Don’t be afraid to highlight that romance by waiting until you are seated within the limo to present your date with a romantic and thoughtful gift, gesture or phrase.

Add Flash to Your Entrance – Everyone looks great stepping from a limo. There may be no better manner for attracting positive attention during this special night. Make your flashy entrance by arriving on the doorstep in an exclusive and impressive professional stretch limousine or a chauffeured town car.

Extend Your Prom Experience Beyond the Dance Floor – While every prom-goer will likely enjoy their time to shine on the dance floor, the special feel of the night doesn’t have to end once the festivities are over. Wherever the after party is, taking a limo from the prom to the later entertainments is a great way to extend the romantic and special feel of the evening. It will also ensure party-goers arrive safe and sound at home at the end of this fantastic night.

Added Convenience – Not only do you not have to worry about parking or walking extended distances once you arrive, but a San Jose Prom limo will also allow you to arrive at the doorstep, and be picked up there as well. Every prom attendee will feel like the king or queen of the night when they step out and into an exquisitely appointed professional limo.


Let Her or Him Know You Care – Renting a limo does convey that you understand the importance of your prom night, for you and your date. There may be nothing else on prom night that says you care more than seeing to it that you and your date have a safe and convenient method of travel, not to mention plenty of room for some of those prom dresses that do not want to be crumpled on the way to the dance.


Rent your San Jose Prom Limo well ahead of time and enjoy excellence in professional chauffeured services on your special night.