Show that special someone just how much you care!

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You’ve saved up for months. This year, this very day, you’re going to show them just how much they mean to you. It’s been in the works for a long time, and as you grab their bags for them, you smile and walk out the doors of the airport. Your beloved looks around, wondering where the vehicle you promised them is… And gasps in shock as a driver in a professional suit bows slightly to the two of you and checks your identification card before holding open the vehicle’s doors. Your two children scramble inside before you can say a word, and with a smile, your driver politely directs you and your spouse into the vehicle.

Your partner looks at you for a moment, then back at the vehicle, still shocked at the luxury displayed within the interior of the car. They knew you were planning on renting a vehicle, but they certainly weren’t expecting anything like this.

If you’re going on vacation (or even staying right where you’re at), the car rental you choose says pretty much everything the rest of your family needs to know… And limousines are the highest form of transport for a reason. Here at San Jose Limo, we offer a variety of vehicles and services to suit your anniversary needs.

The Lincoln Town Car, most often used for airport pickups and drop-offs, is one of the most luxurious standard vehicles available. We carefully select each vehicle in our fleet to provide plenty of leg room, enormously comfortable seats, and a multitude of features designed to make each trip as comfortable as possible. Unlike some other limousine models, the Lincoln Town Car is relatively inconspicuous despite the interior luxury provided. This allows you the opportunity to travel in comfort and focus on yourselves, rather than be preoccupied with the gazes of everyone not riding in such a fantastic transport.

Of course, nothing says “limousine” more than the traditional stretch model, even though many other vehicles also fit the business definition of the term. Filled with everything from televisions to complimentary drinks, our stretch limos will show your beloved the extent to which you’ll go in order to make them happy. These vehicles can be requested in either white or black models, each of which has a different interior, to help customize your experience even more. While the Town Car is inconspicuous, the stretch limo is the vehicle that truly embodies the ideal of getting attention. When they see you inside, everyone will be thinking of how important you are. Families have different forms and needs, and if you happen to be bringing small children along and are worried about what they might do, just let us know when you’re placing your order and we’ll do everything we can to remove things that you’d rather not allow your children to get into. Whether it’s focusing on bringing you to your hotel or taking you to the finest nightlife in the area, a stretch limo rental will make your anniversary trip into one that neither of you will ever forget.

Finally, as delightful as anniversaries with just the two of you can be, we understand that you might have some family you’re bringing along. Whether you’re showing your children the sights of California or celebrating your anniversary together with friends, our Cadillac Escalade SUV models provide all the comforts of professional limousine service without sacrificing on space. In fact, each of these vehicles can fit up to seven people, and our fleet is large enough that we can dispatch more than one limo if you really need them for your group. Our SUVs are also capable of carrying around some larger gear that you may have brought with you as a way to celebrate your anniversary trip. If you need extra space for your luggage (especially on the way back home) or want to take the limo to somewhere that nicer vehicles don’t usually go, our Cadillac Escalades will get you and all of your things to your destination in the highest degree of comfort and style. It’s your anniversary, so enjoy things your way.

Whether you want to enjoy unobtrusive comfort while you’re out on the town or show your feelings for all the city to see as you drive by, San Jose Limos has the vehicles you want at a price you can afford.


If you’re arriving at the local airport instead of getting picked up in town, San Jose anniversary limos offers two different types of services for you to choose from, based on the way you want to show your feelings.

The first service is the standard curbside pickup. The limousine you’ve selected will be waiting outside in the general pickup area. If you’re familiar with the airport or want to hold the surprise until the very last moment, this is usually the best way to go.

On the other hand, if you aren’t familiar with the terminal and would like a professional escort to the vehicle or just happen to be on a tight schedule for the day (if, for example, your plane comes in late in the day and you want to get to your hotel quickly), your driver can offer a meet and greet service. They will park the vehicle as close as they can, then enter the terminal and hold up a sign with your name on it. We’ll provide you with more information about exactly where to look, and your driver will escort you directly to your rented limousine.

For all services, please keep in mind that flights can be unpredictable and may come in earlier or later than expected. We’ll keep an eye on the status of your flight and make every effort to be there when you are, however, so you can rest easy about your pickup. Anniversaries are special times, and when you rent a San Jose anniversary limo, you deserve the very best.